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Our Value

At The Hearn Paper Company we are proud of our 90 year history of providing outstanding support for our customers. Our team of professionals are here to assist you with all your facility maintenance and packaging supply needs. Our industry experts can provide you the products and training to help reduce your overall facility maintenance costs. We have solutions for all your facility needs from floor care to infection control.

We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations every time.

Thank you for considering The Hearn Paper Company as your source of supply.

Rob Reed - President

Online Ordering 

  • Complete Catalog
  • Shop by Room – Easy to use product selection guide for your facility
  • Build standing orders for ease of order entry

Service & Installation

  • Towel Dispenser
  • Soap Dispensers
  • Chemical Dilution Control
  • Equipment Repair
  • Laundry
  • Warewash

Our Sales Support

  • Experienced Industry Experts
  • Source Non-Stock Items
  • Support from major manufactures

Cost Savings Analysis

Reduce facility maintenance cost by using cost effective solutions for:

  • Paper
  • Soap
  • Laundry
  • Liners
  • Chemicals
  • Warewash

Training & In-Service

  • Spartan Clean Check
  • GHS Training / Right to Know
  • Procedure Training
    • Floor Care
    • Infection Control
    • GHS / SDS
    • Carpet Care
    • Bloodborne Pathogen Clean Up
    • Chemical Management / Safety

Our Delivery Team

  • No Minimum Order
  • Low Minimum Free Delivery
  • 98% Fill Rate
  • Company employed professional delivery drivers
  • Company Delivery Fleet
  • Regularly Scheduled Deliveries
  • Emergency Delivery

Hearn Paper Company in 1913 Employees outside of mill in 1924 Company trucks in 1950 Hearn Paper Company trucks in 1999

Hearn Paper Company History


F.E. Hearn along with his brothers Thomas H. and Carey H. started Hearn Bros. & Co. a groceries, provisions and notions business which was located at 511 North Ave.


F.E. Hearn with his company Hearn Bros. & Co. and J. Bruce Fithian with his company Fithian Poultry Co. located at 113 E. Front Street and selling butter, eggs, cheese, fruit, produce and poultry joined forces with John G. Thomas' company, The John G. Thomas Co.


John G. Thomas withdrew from the company and The Thomas-Hearn-Fithian Company's name was changed to The Hearn-Fithian Company Hearn-Fithian continued to sell previous items with paper, bags, twine, oleo, confectionery and fruit syrups.


The Hearn-Fithian Co. bought out the George S. Bishop Co. (paper merchants, and James S. Miller and Co. (wholesale confectioners).


Hearn-Fithian Co. built a modern six story brick warehouse on 337 W. Commerce Street featuring a large paper department.


J. B Fithian was no longer associated with the company and the name was changed to The Hearn-Miller Company on June 29, 1920. The Hearn-Miller Co. sold Saegertown Ginger Ale, Better Butter, Blue Bonnet Butter, Wingold Flour, Crystal Flake Flour, Delicia Nut Oleo, and Glendora coffee.


The Hearn-Miller Co. reorganized into four separate corporations:

  • The Miller Candy Co.
  • The Truog-Shaw Co.
  • The Hearn Paper Co.F.E. Hearn was President and manager
  • The Hearn-Miller Co.

The wholesale groceries business of the Hearn-Miller Co was closed out.
Hearn Paper Co. announces that they have purchased the selling and manufacturing rights of a late invention of the manufacture of rubber bands in Mahoning, Trumbull, Columbiana, Summitt, Portage and a large part of Stark county.


The company had expanded and had erected another warehouse just off Mahoning Avenue with B&O railroad siding. The company had expanded into other lines including Gold Seal Rugs, Nairn Inlaid Linoleum, Sanitas Wall Covering, and Westen Window Shades.


F. (Francis) E. Hearn became chairman of the board and his son Robert M. Hearn was elected President.


Hearn Paper Co. purchased 4.62 acres on North Meridian Road.


Hearn Paper Company's 96,000 square foot warehouse near the Youngtown Transit Co. garage on Mahoning Avenue was destroyed by fire. The contents which included power mowers, asphalt and rubber floor tiling, linoleum rugs, rug padding, adhesives and paper products.


Robert M. Hearn became chairman of the board and James P. Bird, Jr. was elected President/Treasurer.

Hearn made its first appearance at the Canfield Fair which continued until 1994.


Warehouse merchandise and offices are moved from W. Rayen Avenue and W. Commerce Street locations to the new building at 556 N. Meridian Road.

William Foster Smith was elected President.


Ray Hum was elected President.


Joseph E. Bakalik was elected President.


Bryan K. Reed was elected President.


Bryan K. Reed and Robert F. Bakalik, Jr. purchased the company from the Hearn family.

Over the years Hearn Paper Company and predecessor companies have also sold:

Electric appliances, Cosco, Revereware, Libbey glassware (first sold 1958), Forum ceramic tile (first sold in 1958), indoor-outdoor carpet, electric fans, Black & Decker power tools, lawn mowers, transistor radios, snow blowers, charcoal grills, Congoleum-Nairn floor covering (dropped in 1965), corning glassware, Sequoyah carpet, Spartan chemicals (first sold in 1976), Airline Comb honey, Wingold flour, Bunte candies, corn meal, Blue Valley butter, Cherry Valley cheese, canned goods, Glendora coffee, Good Luck Oleo, 1924 clothes lines and pins, wood dishes and plates, scrub boards, washboards, King William Butcher paper, Malmo wrapping paper, Onliwon towels, A.P.W. toilet paper, Northern tissue toilet paper, Diadem 2000ct toilet paper, Ramer's Chocolates, Gobbler Nut Cakes, Love's Candy, Wilsdon's Candies, Reed's Chocolate patties. Hearn also candled their own brand of eggs, and manufactured and distributed rubber bands.